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Sorry its been a while… I’ve been a bit busy doing this….

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I finally did it! I’ve graduated! Three years of hard work has paid off. Luckily we had a gorgeous day in the sunshine (although it was pretty sticky in those gowns) and not one of us fell over on stage.

It seems crazy that I spent hours agonising over my outfit when all you can see is a hint of white but it was definitely worth it to get my hands on this new Topshop dress.

Here’s what I chose…

photo 6 photo 1 (1) photo 3 (1)

Dress: Topshop

Heels: Dorothy Perkins

Sandals: Gioseppo available at Doris & Daisy.

I wanted to keep it simple and wear white as my sash colours were quite garish (orange and blue) it was hard to chose colours that would blend well. Although I had more fun with my shoes choosing the snake print heels for the day and the sandals for when my feet began to hurt later on. I first of all said no to black shoes but with the added print it broke the colour up and blended through nicely. If I wasn’t having to keep it in tone with the sash colours I would have looked into pastel blues or peaches as they continue to be popular summer shades or alternatively gone for  floral prints to add some fun.


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