Flashback to June’s diary at S mag

After returning to S magazine this January I looked back at my Diary from June and managed to find the final shots in the magazine whilst in the office. During the summer I had written short diary style blogs and this is the one from the fashion photo-shoot day alongside the magazines final look.

“Day 4 of my placement was a step outside the usual, as it was photo shoot day, and although apprehensive I was incredibly excited to get another insight into fashion styling outside of the studio. I got off the tube a few stops before my usual London Bridge one, no Tess McGill stride today, and stepped out onto Old street. We were basing the shoot at an alternative boutique store named Soboye, on Calverly Avenue, which had the most amazing fashion items, especially the quirky selection of shoes, my personal favourite, along with African inspired jewellery bursting with colours, beads and feathers. Certainly a selection that would make a passer-by double take and talk to their friends about, a fantastic shop to check out and its heard to be popular with the rich and famous too.

IMG_4334 IMG_4335 IMG_4336

First was make-up and hair, so I began steaming the clothes as Paula O’Connor went through deciding on the looks. At times she looked to me for my opinion as well, which made me feel like a real part of the team. This is something I loved during my placement with S Magazine, they are a lovely team to work with because they ensure your time with them is something to remember, they make the effort to ensure you get to experience as much as possible in such a short amount of time, you are in no way left in a closet bagging up items and they give you every possibility to get involved with the workings of the magazine. Big companies are brilliant but working amongst a slightly smaller team makes a huge difference when it comes to work experience.

IMG_4333 IMG_4338

The shoot went brilliantly and thankfully the weather was beautiful, the sun continued to shine throughout the day making the shot seamless each time. As well as giving us all a nice tan! The looks were based around statement trousers, teamed with both patterned and plain blouses and quirky jewellery from the high street and Soboye itself. Paula and the photographer browsed the area and found a number of great spots to shoot on. From shop fronts, to parks, to mosaic walls full of colour pops and intricate designs. I learned the reality of fashion shoots, with hair difficulties, sun glares, the good old English wind and the work that goes into getting the look perfect. Issues like vans parking in the way, school kids jumping into the camera and model facial expressions going with the look.

IMG_4340 IMG_4342

Working within a small team allowed everyone to get involved and come together to achieve the look. I began to feel a real part of the team which was amazing, even being asked to pick the necklace I thought would work the best, slight responsibility! Thankfully I got it right, and everyone agreed.

The day was brilliant, and although long, I loved it. Now I can’t wait to see the final edit and the magazines layout with them all in. Definitely one to keep!”

So here is it… the final look and my first ever attribution. It may only be small but for me it’s the first step, and incredibly exciting!

trousers 1 picture trousers 2 picture


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