The perks of working in shoe shop


As most females do, I have a love of shoes, so working with them most days is of course a perk in itself. Although when it comes to pay day, its rather tempting to snap up all the pairs I’ve been looking at all week, in the fear, ‘heaven forbid’, a customer might buy them before I get a chance to.

Although we may hate to it those autumn and winter days are upon us, we can tell at Doris and Daisy because it means the boots are in! Which I must admit, although a little saddening after summer, it is pretty exciting. The best part is, we get a sneaky preview of what’s to come, and at first as each box arrives we groan a little at the thought, but before we know it we’re ripping it open to see what’s inside. One thing I especially love is picking a pair to wear to work, although as the girls will know I am not one for decision making, I think it was practically mid-way through the season before I made my final choice!

Working at the shop allows me to be part of the fashion world, understanding people’s wants and needs. Not only do I learn about shoes, but I am forever learning about the customers, which is a vital component. Anyone who feels their feet are a nightmare, or are continually having problems finding the right pair of shoes, you are not on your own, in fact you’re in the majority, and it is possible to find a pair not only suitable, but you might actually quite like them!


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