Missing the sunshine: we all need a bit of Ibiza inspiration

So Leeds actually had a hint of sunshine today! After over a week’s worth of rain I was beginning to feel that would be it for the good weather this year, but maybe there’s a little hope. This got me reminiscing about the sunshine…

Over the summer I went on holiday to Ibiza, now most people would assume I went out partying every night and spent the days sleeping it off, but actually you couldn’t be more wrong. Now don’t get me wrong I have had amazing times in Ibiza with my friends, visiting the top night clubs and getting an amazing tan but this time was different, and in fact most times have been on the island and I want to show a little insight into what’s behind the stereotype.

I first went to Ibiza when I was just eight years old, I was unbelievable excited and of course all my friends thought it was “well cool” as we went back over my teens. My family and I love it out there and this summer was no different. Ibiza has so much more to offer then people think and I can honestly say it is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been. The people are so relaxed and friendly and the beaches make you want to stay forever. As well as the sand, sea, sunbathing, eating, drinking and relaxing one of the things I love about Ibiza is its style. Every time we go we visit the hippy market and the stalls on offer are just incredible, lit up with vibrant colours and full of character you can’t find anywhere else like it. In the background you’ll hear drumming and music and see instruments you didn’t even know existed, all adding to the atmosphere they create. The people express themselves through their work and as you wander around in awe your eyes are constantly captured by shoes, bags, clothing, jewellery all made by them with so much detail and care. It certainly made me envy their creativity and sense of style, I suppose it does help that they all have amazingly bronzed bodies though to pull the style off!

So of the course the first must when visiting Ibiza is to explore the beaches…

1383571_10151955996596407_33376927_n 1368690_10151955976856407_1025434533_n 1380226_10151955992076407_1043290027_n 1383410_10151955979191407_851119674_n 1393904_10151955978926407_1831251737_n 1378648_10151955979711407_1979036118_n 1381073_10151955976851407_1957342193_n 1383454_10151955996906407_1284419153_n 1393816_10151955979321407_1047694318_n

Make sure you visit Ibiza town in the day not just at night…

1375117_10151955996466407_1958409980_n 1375119_10151955994036407_732846919_n 1376448_10151955993851407_1270075996_n 1378557_10151955993531407_1740932620_n 1380127_10151955992486407_1582442904_n 1390521_10151955996336407_1710523379_n 1393318_10151955996206407_380178170_n

Go to the hippy market…

37062_10151955986916407_1363155467_n 536250_10151955984861407_1827494892_n 994946_10151955980521407_1654214035_n 995498_10151955986551407_1118867911_n 1374321_10151955989571407_1031729240_n 1374383_10151955980681407_1038296502_n 1374828_10151955988521407_1118560120_n 1374938_10151955987466407_955600698_n 1375326_10151955987946407_821737020_n 1376994_10151955988971407_979256067_n 1377059_10151955988066407_775628187_n 1377618_10151955981051407_731630281_n 1378388_10151955986351407_1458329014_n 1378413_10151955986711407_1811959178_n 1378812_10151955989876407_1740959359_n 1379611_10151955990406407_1210480468_n 1379781_10151955985171407_1459019267_n 1380454_10151955989831407_1188478802_n 1382787_10151955986161407_2029718669_n 1383417_10151955985456407_2138693914_n 1385859_10151955981181407_1614995303_n 1392057_10151955985571407_335705909_n 1394288_10151955989356407_278481613_n 1383686_10151955980231407_569183050_n

Experience an Ibiza sunset…

1376589_10151955991101407_1651816429_n 1381757_10151955990901407_1214354200_n 1385450_10151955991036407_89193442_n

993430_10151955996696407_285510815_n 1380565_10151955992351407_762105001_n

And most importantly eat lots of ice cream… especially if its hazelnut and mango!



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